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Hidden Blood

by Eve Laird

The Other Natured aren’t safe in the human world. So when a would-be Mage finds out her secret sister has disappeared, there’s only one guy who can help: the smoulderingly-hot Vampire Tracker she kissed a few weeks ago.

Even with my father’s powerful magick and wealth, some secrets just won’t remain hidden. He’s been hiding a secret family in the human world and now my younger half-human sister is missing. I’ll let him use me as bait to find her.

I’ll do whatever it takes to find my sister and keep her away from the lies my father tells. Even if I have to tell a few of my own.

But I won’t be alone. Thorne, the elusive and achingly hot Vampire, has been hired track her and to protect me out there. We’ve been close before and I can’t resist wanting something more. I’ll have to trust him with my life.

We need to work together, undiscovered, to find her and bring her to safety. Yet somehow I know it’s my heart that’s going to be broken.

It was supposed to be easy money… work private security detail for one of the richest families in the House of Quercus. That was until I was told my real mission: find the missing girl and use her older sister’s blood to track her.

I never dreamed Kenzie’s father would be loaning her as bait. We shared one stolen kiss at a party, only for her to disappear back to her entitled world never to be seen again. She’s an heiress, a would-be princess in a guided cage. And she’s trapped as much as everyone else.

I see the pain she carries and the fears she tries to hide. I’ll do whatever it takes to stop those tears from falling and we’ll bring her sister back to the House of Quercus regardless of what the consequences may be.

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