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Magick Awakened

by Eve Laird

An unsuspecting college student may be the saviour they’ve been waiting for, but unless a Fallen Angel can convince her that he’s actually the good guy, their fate and that of the entire House of Quercus hangs in the balance.

Lenore:He was arrogant, overconfident and unashamedly demanding. I’d rather mop floors and wait tables than accept his cryptic job offer, except mom’s counting on me to provide. The money he says I’d earn would more than cover mom’s medical bills.

When he saved me from a unprovoked demon attack everything changed. My magick Awoke and his in-human strength and ferocious fighting skills had dispatched my would-be killers with deadly intent.

It should have terrified me. Instead, I was enthralled.

Apparently there’s magick within me and the way he looks at me when he says I can learn how to control it makes it hard for me to breath. I guess I owe it to him to at least hear him out. What’s the worst that could happen?

Ash:My task was simple: convince Lenore to come with me, no questions asked. By any means necessary.

Neither of us had expected the demons to already be tracking her, or for me to be there when her powers Awoke. And I certainly hadn’t expected to feel attracted to her, yet I couldn’t help but be drawn to those big, beautiful, blue eyes. I’d kill them all for just one of her shy smiles. A smile I know I would never see again if she knew my past.

Everything Vita said about Lenore is right and then some. I never felt like this with anyone before – but what if it’s all just part of her magick?

Get it now: Amazon