Science Fiction Romance to send you into orbit…

Romance beyond your wildest fantasies where alpha males aren’t just human, they’re so much more.

Aaran Barbarians: A whole world of alpha warrior alien romance to explore.

Aaran Barbarians series, by Eden Ember and Eve Laird

A steamy series of science fiction romance filled with warrior aliens and the Terran (human) females they are fated to be with, co-written with the wonderful Eden Ember.

Fantasy Romance that brings the hidden world of shifters, angels and vampires into reality

Influenced by the wild countryside surrounding her as she grew up, and a love of all things paranormal, Eve’s House of Quercus series combines paranormal romance and adventure.

The House of Quercus series, by Eve Laird

Praise for the House of Quercus series:

“A superbly written wild ride of a paranormal and urban fantasy romance mashup.”
– Amazon Reviewer

“A great story line, fantastic characters and interaction, plenty of intrigue and plenty of action. A definite must read!”
– Amazon Reviewer

“This writing style and this kind of romance is why I return to sci-fi/fantasy novels. I love the concept of finding a mate who not just reaches your heart but captures your soul. This book did it flawlessly.”
– Amazon Reviewer

“The characters are well thought out and perfect for each other. The world they live in is different and incredibly well defined, so well defined I could almost see it. This is a fast-paced, exciting story spanning many years but doing it really well.”
– Amazon Reviewer